Tunbridge Hotels

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Regular visits from Queen Victoria and Edward VII permit Tunbridge Wells a royal prefix, and although seldom used nowadays, there is still something regal about this West Kent spa town.

Perhaps it is the fine Georgian architecture and the sculptured Victorian gardens or maybe it is just the natural chalybeate spring waters after all, which in addition to inspiring royal patronage since the 17th century, imbibe the town, and its visitors, with a certain vitality. As a town built specifically to welcome visitors keen to stay for a time to 'take the waters', those visitors then, as now, are spoiled for choice when it comes to Tunbridge hotels.

The towns greatest landmark is the spring itself and the water, rich in iron, can still be taken today as it has been for nearly 400 years. Dipper's Hall is adjacent and the spring is located at one end of the Pantiles, a Georgian avenue lined with columns and which forms the oldest part of town.

Contained within this street is the Old Fish Market, now a tourist information centre, and many specialist shops, bars and restaurants. There are plenty of green spaces too, most notably the Commons, Calverley Grounds, and Dunorlan Park, grade II listed on the register of historic parks and gardens.

Historically, people came to Tunbridge Wells to relax and it is no different today. There are hotels with spa facilities and others in which the historic ambience and character ably assists in transporting guests back to a quieter, and more refined age.

Expectations are high in the modern world of hospitality of course and they are met through the contemporary features of any good hotel, regardless of the age or style of the property. In a town such as this, it is easy to live in style, even in the smaller, less exclusive, Tunbridge hotels.